Craft Club runs at the following times:

Tuesday morning: 10am to 12ish (spaces)

Tuesday evening 6.30pm-8.30pm

Wednesday morning: 10am to 12ish spaces available

Friday morning: 10am to 12ish spaces available

Saturday morning: 10am to 12ish

All sessions cost £7.

We feel this is the best value for money of any craft club in Telford as you get to craft with like minded people who are passionate (some say obsessed!) with all things crafty. This is just not about card making, many people choose to scrapbook with the items provided while others like to take a more dimensional approach, the whole idea is that you do what you feel comfortable doing with the items that we provide. By doing it this way I have found that far more ideas are shared between everyone and people are encouraged by the other members to have a go, I have seen a petrified look change to smiles within a couple of hours as people have tried things they never would have thought possible.

Booking is advisable.

Each week we follow the same theme at each club session.
All craft club sessions are subject to change should insufficient items be available.

WI Groups

We have attended  WI groups holding "hands on" crafting sessions. The groups thoroughly enjoyed the evening and we are looking to attend similar groups in the future.